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Harnessing The Nine Hallmarks Of Aging Book Launch

Biotechnologist, Cellular Health and Healthspan expert Greg Macpherson joins Award-wining NZ Science Communicator Damian Christie, as they celebrate the release of Greg's new book "Harnessing the Nine Hallmarks of Aging - to live your healthiest life".

Greg delves into the science behind the aging process, exploring recent insights and developments. He talks about interventions that we can adopt in our everyday lives to combat and potentially reverse the aging process. He discusses strategies adopted from the "Blue Zones" which are regions around the world where a higher than usual proportion of people live much longer than the average: such as intermittent fasting, plant based, exercise and social well-being. Macpherson further examines break-through ingredients such as 2-HOBA (Hobamine) and Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), outlining the potential benefits and how they are thought to combat The Nine Hallmarks of Aging in our cells.

“Our bodies are dynamic, molecular machines, so what was discovered was the idea that how we age is not predetermined by your literal age. We can easily influence the aging process with specific, healthy lifestyle choices that can make a dramatic difference in how well we age and how long we live.”

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