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Dr. Matt Yousefzadeh: Combating Zombie Cells

About Dr. Matthew Yousefzadeh

Dr. Matthew Yousefzadeh has published more than 30 scientific publications with heavy emphasis on cellular senescence and aging. In 2020, he won the Aging Cell Best Paper Award for his paper on senescent cell accumulation during physiologic and accelerated aging of mice. This prize is awarded annually for the paper considered to be the most outstanding published in ‘Aging Cell’ in that year. Dr. Yousefzadeh has led numerous projects researching the efficacy of Fisetin and how it supports healthspan and lifespan. He is also invested in the key drivers that lead to enhancement to cellular senescence and the impact of this to the aging process. He serves on the scientific advisory board for SRW Laboratories.


Twitter: @MattYousefzadeh


Listen to the podcast below:

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